The Goddess Complex

Tifani Truelove: Embodiment for the Empowered Creator

October 20, 2022
The Goddess Complex
Tifani Truelove: Embodiment for the Empowered Creator
Show Notes

Hello my loves,

Today we have another guest on the Podcast. I am beyond thrilled to introduce Tifani Truelove!

Tifani Truelove merges the sacred work of the healer and the artist through a range of creative modalities including photography, analog collage,bodywork, energy healing, and the tarot. 

The conversation between these two parts of herself began while attending the art institute of Philadelphia. Noticing there were emotional blocks that were keeping her from making the work she wanted to make, she simultaneously enrolled in The Pennsylvania school and spiritual healing and began working through them energetically. Learning about the anatomy of the chakras and stepping into the healer while developing herself as an artist  in the shadows of the darkroom, her creative life began to transform. 

 Tifani is now dedicated to helping others find the bridge between the healer and the artist within themselves.  

 She is rooted within the belief that consciously engaging with the creative process is MAGIC.

She believes the process of conscious creation is a direct line to the wisdom of Spirit and guides her clients into deeper intimacy with the creative work that is calling to their hearts. 

Through the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies she cultivates a space for loving connection and reflection and inspires clients to take courageous and soulful action towards living their most authentic lives, believing in the power of their magic, reclaiming their heART, and creating their greatest body of work. 

Tifani empowers her clients to tap into their creative energy, trust their intuition, and ground deep into the wisdom of their divine bodies. Guiding them into a deeper understanding of their own body of work, she helps them to channel their art through building the confidence they need to step into the vulnerability of the creative process and to get real with the way they feel. Helping them locate the well of their own creative wisdom and building trust with the guidance of their infinite Spirit. 

In between clients you can find her snuggling up to the love of her life, Joe,  working on the upcoming release of her first oracle deck, observing light through her yashica viewfinder, or answering calls on The Heartline. 

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