The Goddess Complex

So, You Want To Write A Book? With Ryan Roberts

November 02, 2023 Ashley Michelle
The Goddess Complex
So, You Want To Write A Book? With Ryan Roberts
Show Notes

Hello my loves and thank you for tuning into The Goddess Complex! This week I am joined by a long time friend and AUTHOR Ryan Roberts!

Ryan is a Conservation Social Scientist by training, which translates to working on the human side of environmental issues. He is also an aspiring author and just finished writing his first fiction novel, Life Games. His mission is to spread good in the world through his writing by giving his readers hope and a sense of optimism for the future of humanity, yet demonstrating repeatedly throughout the plotline of Life Games that our future and its hope rest solely within our own two hands.

He is excited to see where his debut novel can take him, and so are we!

Tune in today to learn more about Ryan and his upcoming book, Life Games!

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