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Astrology After Dark - It’s Britney Bitch

October 31, 2023 Ashley Michelle
The Goddess Complex
Astrology After Dark - It’s Britney Bitch
Show Notes

Hiiii friends, 

We have added a new segment to The Goddess Complex Podcast. Dani, That Witch Next Door and I have been working in collaboration with each other for the last year. She is my friend, and also an amazing astrologer.

Together we have created Astrology After Dark. 

This is going to be living inside of The Goddess Complex as a monthly bonus episode. It’s just two witches getting together, talking pop culture and astrology, what could be better, right? 

We will have an array of topics coming at you, the very first episode drops now and we discuss BRITNEY SPEARS. Yes hunny, we are going there! We pull up Britney’s chart and dissect it and break it down. We are going to talk about our opinions on her birth chart and how it relates to the things that we at least know of that are happening in the outside world. 

We have also added Astrology After Dark to the Youtube. YEAH BOO! You got a visual. Check it out on the YouTube if you want to see the birth chart in real time and want to see us converse about these topics, or just listen on the pod. Click here to watch on YouTube.

Make sure you’re listening to the Goddess Complex Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts so you can be notified as soon as the next episode airs and be sure to show us some love by leaving a 5 star review.

If you love this, be sure to let us know so we can keep doing this. We are so excited to drop this for you, HERE WE GO !

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