The Goddess Complex

Astrology After Dark: Kim K Vs Kourtney, What The Problem Is

November 30, 2023
The Goddess Complex
Astrology After Dark: Kim K Vs Kourtney, What The Problem Is
Show Notes

I know people have their feelings about the Kardashians, and if you've been in my universe for a while, you know that I fuck with them! We can learn a lot about astrology through studying the astrological placements of people in the limelight. 

In today's episode of Astrology After Dark, we are doing a synastry chart, formally known formerly known as a compatibility chart on none other than Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney. 

They have been in the public eye most all their life. They built a multi-million, billion dollar empire, and they come with lots of issues and lots of baggage. They are very well known for their sisterly feud, one that most recently took the world by storm when they dropped the last premiere episode of The Kardashians. 

Today, Dani and I are dissecting the sisterly feud, and we're going to break down why we believe they fight the way they do and how we can see it in the chart.

Check it out on the YouTube if you want to see the birth chart in real time and want to see us converse about these topics, or just listen on the pod.  Click here to watch on YouTube.

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