The Goddess Complex

Fitness & Food: Episode 2 - Is Ozempic Worth The Hype?

January 18, 2024
The Goddess Complex
Fitness & Food: Episode 2 - Is Ozempic Worth The Hype?
Show Notes

Hi Friends! Today on The Goddess Complex Podcast Ashley has brought on a brand new guest! Ashley’s cousin Jasmine runs a MedSpa in Rochester, New York and we are going to talk all things Ozempic, Monjauro, the misconceptions around it and more. Have you ever wonder what is a Med Spa? What even is it? How can med spa treatments help you along your spiritual journey path? Drips Spa is a black female owned small business and these two are POWERHOUSES together!

Jasmine Francis is the proud owner of Drips Spa. Drips Spa is a premier destination for luxury and wellness in the heart of the Rochester, NY. Jasmine is a passionate and dedicated board certified family nurse practitioner, committed to providing top-tier healthcare services with a focus on aesthetic and wellness treatments. With a strong background in nursing and specialized training in aesthetic medicine, she brings a unique blend of medical expertise and an appreciation for the diverse beauty that exists in all skin tones and types. Her mission is to empower individuals to feel confident and embrace their natural beauty while addressing their wellness concerns. Jasmine is deeply committed to promoting inclusivity and diversity in the field of aesthetics and wellness, ensuring that everyone feels seen and heard in their pursuit of self-enhancement. With a compassionate approach and a deep understanding of the nuanced aspects of skin care, she aims to create a safe and welcoming environment for all of her clients. Whether you seek advice on skincare, anti-aging treatments, weight loss, IV therapy, or guidance in achieving your aesthetic goals; Drips Spa will provide you high quality, personalized care. 

Connect with Jasmine here:

Facebook: Drips Spa

Instagram: Drips__Spa (two underscores)

TikTok: Drips Spa



Phone: (585) 348-7856

Weight loss consult link:



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